Top 7 Best Uses for Dopp Kits

Toiletry bags started being commonly referred to as dopp kits in the early 20th century. But what are they, exactly? What are they supposed to be used for? The great thing about dopp kits is that, while they’re marketed as a way to transport toiletries, they can actually be used for a number of purposes. The goal of any bag is to help you organize and simplify your life. Maybe your toiletries aren’t the item most in need of organization in your home. That’s okay! Here are our top 7 favorite reasons to use a dopp kit.

As a Toiletry Bag

Of course, the number one way to use a dopp kit is for its intended purposes: to hold your toiletries. Toiletry bags are a great way to separate your must-have toiletries from your spouse’s under the bathroom sink or to hold your toiletries separate from your luggage while traveling. If you’re the type of guy who doesn’t want his razor or toothbrush mingling with his wife’s in the suitcase, you may be happy to reserve your dopp kit as a toiletry bag.

As a Secondary Carry-On Bag

Carry-on bags are free while luggage needs to be paid for, which means that many people are choosing to pack lightly for air travel and only bring a carry-on bag. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult to keep the things you actually want for your plane ride—your gum, your headphones, and your reading book—on hand. A dopp kit is the perfect size to hold out all of these travel necessities, offering you easy access to everything you want or need for your flight.

As a Locker Organizer

If you’ve got a middle-school or high-school-aged kid, you know that teens and preteens can be a bit of a mess. If their room manages to be a disaster zone despite your constant reminders to clean up, imagine what their lockers look like! But you can be sure that your kid wants certain items, like sanitary napkins, deodorant, and emergency snacks, readily available. Gifting them a dopp kit to keep these items in can ease the stress in their lives. It’s also an easy item for them to bring home in their backpack and replenish as needed.

As a Car Emergency Kit

What happens when your kid manages to cut their hand while you’re driving or your spouse realizes that she has a headache? It’s always good to have a small bag in the car of the little things that you might want throughout the day. This can include band-aids, ibuprofen, medical equipment like inhalers or EpiPens, and even the knick-knack type objects you’re always searching your car for like small trash bags, pens, and napkins.

As a Travel Toy Bag

Do your kids fight the minute you get in the car? Or do they act up when you bring them into a restaurant? Boredom can bring out the worst in anyone’s kids. That’s why it can be nice to have a small bag of toys in your car for days when you make an unexpected stop or are out longer than you planned to be out. Keep the toys in your travel toy bag quiet and safe for independent play so that your kids can help themselves to the toys inside without close supervision. You’ll find that this strategy cuts down on stress over time, especially if those toys are reserved just for trips. This will keep the toys feeling new and exciting to your kids.

As a Guest Room Bag

No guest wants to admit that they forgot to pack a toothbrush or are scared to use your expensive shampoo. Keeping a small bag stocked with necessities that are easily forgotten when traveling, like fresh toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, combs, shampoo, and washcloths can make your guests feel more comfortable when they come to stay. All you have to do is pull the loaded dopp kit out of the bathroom closet and set it on your guest room bed before they come to stay and they’ll feel right at home.

As a Spice Bag

Tired of sifting through canned corn and oatmeal packets just to locate the cumin? Even if you don’t have room for a spice rack or full spice organizer, you can keep all your spices together in one bag and just grab the bag out when you’re cooking. Then you don’t have to worry about whether or not you have tarragon shoved way in the back of your cupboard: It’s either in the bag or it isn’t.

You don’t have to follow a strict script when it comes to using your toiletry bag. A bit of creativity can ensure that our high-quality leather bags meet the needs of you and your family. At the end of the day, the goal is to simplify your life and ensure you have the tools you need to be organized and successful in your life.