10 Writing Careers You Might Not Have Considered

On Monday we discussed great careers for people who love animals. Today, we’re continuing to discuss career possibilities by looking at great careers for people who love writing. If you’re the type of person who always has their head tucked away in a notebook, you’ve probably considered a career as an author or a journalist. But are those the only career options available for you? Here are 10 writing careers you might not have considered.


Education: Any

Average Salary: $24,000-$25,000/year

To the uninitiated, blogging may seem like a casual hobby, and for many, it is. Only 14% of bloggers manage to monetize their blogs, but for the ones who do, blogging can be extremely profitable. This is an especially good job for writers who want to be able to work from the comfort of their homes. Bloggers often start off blogging on the side and transition to blogging full-time. However, it’s also possible to get a job as a corporate blogger with a more steady income.


Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Average Salary: $130,000-$131,000/year

Politicians are often in the market for a good speechwriter who can take their political ideas and make them appeal to the masses. If you are strong in persuasive writing, this may be the perfect writing career for you. A job as a speechwriter is especially good for people with a passion for politics. While you can’t change a politician’s viewpoints, understanding the politics behind those viewpoints may make it easier to write compelling speeches.

Technical Writer

Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Average Salary: $70,000-$71,000/year

If you like learning about how things work, a career as a technical writer might be perfect for you. Technical writers write things like the manuals that are included in electronics and explanations for technical companies. While this tends to be a drier form of writing, it can also be one of the more lucrative writing jobs out there.


Education: Any

Average Salary: $60,000-$100,000/film

If you love TV shows and movies, a career as a screenwriter may be your dream. Salaries for screenwriters vary wildly based on how often you manage to get your writing purchased and where it’s produced. The biggest obstacle to becoming a screenwriter, of course, is getting an audience with the right people. However, if you’re one of the lucky few who manages to get your screenwriting in front of the right people, it can be an amazing career.

Grant Writer

Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Average Salary: $45,000-$46,000/year

One of the major ways in which nonprofit organizations fund what they do is through grants. Grant writers are the ones who make this possible by submitting compelling proposals to grant funding institutions which explain why they should fund the organizations. Grant writers, therefore, have an incredibly important job. If you are passionate about the work nonprofits do and want to contribute, this can be a meaningful career.

Video Game Writer

Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Average Salary: $82,000-$83,000/year

From storylines to character dialogues, video game writers work alongside the graphics team to tell a compelling story. The video game genre is unique, and the stories have to hold together even while players make their own decisions with the characters. For people who are passionate about the industry, being a video game writer can be a great career. Even better, it’s possible to be a video game writer without getting in front of the “right” people as indie video games become more and more popular.

Film Critic

Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Average Salary: $82,000-$83,000/year

If you can write persuasive content, you love movies, and you have an opinion, a career as a film critic may be perfect for you. Film critics can have a huge impact on which movies people choose to see and which movies people choose to avoid. Well-known film critics may even get early access to movies, which can make it a fun career as long as you’re the type of person who can watch movies regularly.

Web Content Writer

Education: Any

Average Salary: $31,000-$32,000/year

Have you considered that everything you read on the internet, from descriptions of Amazon products to this very article, is written by someone? Believe it or not, most of the things you read on the internet were written with a purpose, not just by someone who likes writing but by someone who writes as a career. Some web content writers are hired by specific companies to continually write content for them, while others are freelance writers who write for several different companies. The latter is a great career if you enjoy the flexibility of working from home, while the former is great for people who want the benefits of working for a university, for example, while also writing on a regular basis.

Greeting Card Writer

Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Average Salary: $51,000-$52,000/year

When you pick up a Hallmark greeting card, you probably don’t put a lot of thought into who wrote the sentiment in there. However, greeting card writers have an important job. The greeting card industry is huge and, as different holidays gain popularity, it’s ever-expanding. Greeting card writers have to be able to write succinctly and with their heart.


Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Average Salary: $44,000-$45,000/year

If your love is for languages rather than specifically for writing, a career as a translator might be just the ticket. In order to be a translator, you have to be fluent in multiple languages. However, for people with that particular skill, it can be a great job. You can influence almost any industry as a decent translator, whether it’s education or gaming.

Once upon a time, careers for writers were limited to journalism or being an author. However, as we fall deeper and deeper into the digital age, careers for writers are on the rise. It’s entirely possible, now, to get a good-paying career as a writer, typically with a BA or less.