10 Vlogs Every Man Should Follow

YouTube isn’t just for watching funny cat videos and skateboarding fails. These days, countless people make their living creating YouTube channels with regular, interesting content worth watching. Subscribing to these channels lets you know when they post new content, allowing you to watch them the way you’d watch your favorite TV show: On a regular basis, and in order.

New to the vlog scene? Here are 10 of the best YouTube channels for men that you should be following.

Dad Verb

Parenting and lifestyle channels on YouTube are a dime a dozen. The reason these channels are so popular is that it can be inspirational to see another parent powering through the hard times—and reminding you, during your hard times, about the good times around the corner. Parenting channels can help you seek advice and know what milestones to keep an eye out for. But for the most part, parenting channels are by women, for women. So, what’s an involved dad to do?

We love Dad Verb for this reason. Though still a relatively small YouTube channel, Dad Verb is the one-stop shop for new parents. The dad on the channel is especially tech-oriented, and he does a lot of baby product reviews and gadget reviews for first-time parents and parents of younger children.


If we’re talking about YouTube channels guys should watch, we should at least make mention of Twitch Streaming—YouTube channels created solely around skilled gamers playing the games they love. One of the most famous Twitch streamers around is Ninja, a Fortnite streamer with over 20,000,000 subscribers.

To get that many viewers interested in watching you game, you’ve got to be doing something right. So if you like Fortnite, or are just interested in figuring out what twitch streamers are all about, Ninja’s channel is a great one to watch.

Binging with Babish

There are cooking channels, and then there’s Binging with Babish. On that channel, he takes food from your favorite TV shows and movies and recreates it with the skill of an accomplished chef.

There’s a commitment to authenticity in Babish’s work—up to and including creating the cake from Matilda with real blood and sweat. While that commitment can sometimes be gross, it can also be admirable to watch. And because he actually knows what he’s doing in the kitchen, you can learn a thing or two while also being completely mesmerized by what he’s doing in the kitchen.

Jon Peters

If you’ve wanted to get into woodworking and more DIY crafts for the house, Jon Peters Art & Home is the YouTube channel for you to follow. His channel is all about home improvement projects that real men can implement in their homes.

Jon Peter’s YouTube channel has reviews on specific shop equipment, tutorials on woodworking techniques, and how-to’s on full woodworking projects. His work ranges from beginner-level work like how to hang a painting to more advanced work like how to make a cabinet, so you can grow while watching his channel without ever feeling bad about your current skillset.

Doctor Mike

Doctor Mike is a real-life doctor who does reviews of TV doctors as well as responses to medical questions. Basically, he’s a bit-sized WebMD that you can consume in small video chunks. Most of his videos cash in around the ten-minute mark, which makes his work very consumable.

Some of his videos, such as how much coffee we should be consuming or whether vitamins are actually good for you, offer candid medical advice that you don’t get from your typical TV doctors. Mostly, though, we recommend watching him because it’s hilarious to see how frustrated he gets when TV doctors get it wrong.


Jesse’s channel is sweet and endearing. He does a lot of book reviews—mainly young adult and fantasy books—but he also does book hauls and reading challenges.

Watching this channel is a bit like talking to an awkward buddy you knew back in high school. He’s a little goofy and a little odd, but if you’re hoping to get back into reading, he’ll help you rediscover your love for the written word.

Teaching Men’s Fashion

Some guys want to look good. We know that, which is why we have top-of-the-line accessories, from watch straps to belts. Teaching Men's Fashion knows that, too. With over a million viewers, they are the best place to go for everything from fashion advice to workout routines that make you feel good about yourself.

If you’re a guy who wants to better himself and feel good about his appearance, this is a vlog that you’ll want to follow. It offers the latest fashion and cosmetic advice. Because these days, it’s cool for guys to care about how they look.

Elisha Long

Elisha Long’s videos are like if you took your high school humanities class and made it relevant to the world you live in today. He talks about philosophy in a way that makes it feel important rather than just theoretical, and he promotes a different, more peaceful kind of masculinity that’s really healthy to watch.

He also promotes workouts and does on-screen workout routines, giving a fun touch of variety to his videos. 


If you’re an RV guy, Tito is the YouTuber to watch. Friendly and personable, he not only takes you with him on RV excursions, but he also shows you how to DIY RV upgrades.

His channel features everything from Maintenance Tips for RV Newbies to How to Install Solar Panels on an RV.

Unbox Therapy

Are you into technology? Do you want to know if technology is worth your time before you sink your money into it?

Unbox Therapy is an entire channel dedicated to giving real reviews of any tech you might be curious about (and plenty of tech you’ve never heard of before). If you’re looking for some retail therapy for men, Unbox Therapy is the place to be.  

Wrapping Up

There's a reason vlogging is sweeping the nation. Vlogs are the new way to achieve the rags to riches story everyone wants. They're a way for anyone to make themselves known. For that reason, they allow easy access to all the best--and all the most niche--content available.