10 Reasons We Wish Life Was More Like a Comic Book

Comic books are awesome. From the bright colors to the compelling storylines, it’s no wonder that they’re becoming more rather than less popular over time. They’re an escape from reality. And while comic books can never really come true, there are some parts of them that we wish were true to life. Here are 10 reasons we wish life was more like a comic book.

10.) We Wish Every Action Had a Cool Sound Effect

Kapow! Wham! Crunch! How much more exciting would it be to break up a scuffle between your kids if the sound effects were that cool? Sound effects might be written into comic books to keep the action alive in 2 dimensions, but we think they’d liven up the real world, too.

9) We Wish Buildings Could Repair Themselves

We’ve always loved that Spiderman and Doc Oc can have a building-crushing fight all across the city, and it’s miraculously back to normal the very next day. Sure, if building repaired themselves, a lot of construction workers would lose their jobs, but there would also be a lot of families who didn’t have to spend so much time recovering from natural disasters, so we think the exchange would be worth it.

8.) We Wish Injuries Healed Overnight

In comic books, you can be shot with bullets and have your limbs torn off, and you’re back in fighting spirit the very next day. In real life, you can twist your ankle and still feel the pain from it three years later. It’s no question which one of those is the better deal!

7.) We Wish a Mask Completely Disguised Our Identities

In comic books, a mask doesn’t even have to cover someone’s whole face to completely disguise their identity. Clark Kent just needs a pair of glasses! How much cooler would Halloween be if no one knew who you were the second you put your costume on? Tired of your kids coming to you for every little thing? In the world of comic books, you could put your reading glasses on and convince them you were their uncle instead.

6.) We Wish We Could Travel Faster Than the Speed of Customs

Do you think Superman has to go through airport customs? Of course not! He can zip across the country without grabbing his passport or checking his bags—and there’s certainly no one asking him to take off his shoes. Sure, we’d no longer have any kind of excuse for being late for work, but some things are worth the sacrifice!

5.) We Wish We Could Turn Invisible

Everyone has moments when they wish the floor would just swallow them whole. In comic books, those people can turn invisible and legit ghost out of the scene. Not so in real life, when our red cheeks highlight our embarrassment for anyone who might have missed it.

4.) We Wish No One Cared If We Word the Same Outfit Every Day

Comic book characters have one outfit—maybe two, if you count their superhero disguise—and everyone is cool with it. It would be easy to look like a million bucks every day if you only had to invest in one high-quality outfit. Unfortunately for most of us, our wives won’t let us get away with that!

3.) We Wish We Could Defeat Supervillains With Money

Let’s be honest: Batman isn’t even a superhero—he’s just a dude with a lot of money. If being rich in real life meant you could defeat evil—and get away with living outside the law as long as you were doing good—then maybe it would feel like the top 1% actually deserved the insane amounts of money they have.

2.) We Wish Death Wasn’t Always So Permanent

Death is one of the hardest things we deal with—and in real life, it’s permanent. In comic books, you can always hope a meteor strike or alternate universe will bring back your favorite long-lost character, but in real life, it just doesn’t happen that way. But man, do we wish it did.

1.) We Wish the Good Guys Always Won in the End

Of course, the number one reason to read comic books is to feel vindicated when you watch good conquer evil. We need to be able to see that somewhere, because in real life, evil conquers good more than we’d like to admit.

Comic books are a great escape, in part because they’re not like real life. While we can connect to the characters, we can also rely on comic books to lift us up and make us feel better—like there’s someone out there waiting to conquer the evil in this world. While that’s not how it really is, sometimes, it’s fun to just pretend for a bit.