10 Best Mixed Drinks for Men

So, you’ve got your home bar all set up, liquor stocked and rugged leather coasters lining the surfaces. Now what? If you’ve never bartended before, it can be a little intimidating to consider all the drink possibilities at home. There are countless mixed drinks to choose from. So where do you start, and how do you enjoy the taste of your drinks without sacrificing your masculinity? Here are the best mixed drinks for men.

Rum & Coke

Rum and coke tops the list of the best mixed drinks for men because it’s easy to make and a safe starter drink for most men. Rum is a fairly sweet alcohol as far as hard liquors are concerned, and mixed with the familiar taste of coke, it makes for a great transition from fruitier drinks to drinks that are considered more manly. To make a perfect rum and coke every time, fill a whiskey glass with ice. Then place three fingers against the table next to the glass and pour rum to the top of the third finger. Finally, fill with coke. For an even sweeter version, you can make a Midas, which is the same idea but with cream soda instead of coke.

Tom Collins

Marketed as a gin and sparkling lemonade drink, a Tom Collins is traditionally served over ice. Pour in a shot of gin, half as much lemon juice, and a dash of simple syrup, you then fill the glass the rest of the way with club soda. Sweet and tangy, you’ll love this drink in the summer time. It’s also perfect when you’re making drinks for men who are relatively new to drinking.


Made with equal parts hard cider and beer, the snake bite is a way to get that sweet cider flavor without just being the guy who drinks hard ciders. If you want your snakebite to be even more sweet, add a little bit of blackcurrant syrup to the top of it. Some men like to drink this neatly layered, with cider on bottom and beer on top. This is easier to do with a stout beer.

7 and 7

Officially, a 7 and 7 is made with a shot of Seagrams Seven Crown Whiskey and a glass of 7UP. Unofficially, any whiskey combined with any clear soda will get you pretty close to this popular alternative to the rum and coke, perfect for the guy who prefers clear sodas over dark ones.


Negroni is an Italian aperitif and is made of equal parts Campari, gin, and vermouth. Combine the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and serve over ice in a cocktail glass, then garnish with an orange peel. If you really want to impress your guests, run the orange peel around the rim of the glass first so that they get a pop of orangey flavor with every sip.


Combine equal parts lime juice, triple sec, and vodka in a cocktail shaker to make this popular drink. A traditional kamikaze is served straight up in a cocktail glass, but of course, you can do whatever you want in your home bar, and can certainly serve it over the rocks if you prefer.


One of the few masculine drinks that uses juice, a greyhound is marketed as a glass of grapefruit juice with a shot of gin or vodka. You’ll want to shake this drink well to get its full effects. The greyhound makes a great alcoholic breakfast beverage, but is also great at night if you’re hoping for something a little more fruity.


Who’s manlier than Marlon Brando of Godfather renown? The Godfather, a drink made from mixed scotch and amaretto, is said to be one of his favorites, so if you go for this drink, you’re in good company. A traditional godfather is made over ice with equal parts scotch and amaretto. For a sweeter taste, you can increase the ratio of amaretto to scotch. You can even use whiskey in lieu of scotch if that’s your preference.

 Gin & Tonic

Another 2-ingredient cocktail, gin & tonic is equal parts gin and tonic water. Many people enjoy a lime wedge with their gin and tonic. While this is a great manly drink, keep in mind that gin is an acquired taste, so you probably shouldn’t drink this one for the first time in front of a bunch of your friends unless you want to get laughed out of your own home bar.

Dark and Stormy

Technically, a dark and stormy is a trademarked beverage, and to make it properly, you have to use Gosling’s black rum combined with ginger beer. To make your dark and stormy, fill a whiskey glass with ice. Add a shot or two of the black rum, then fill with ginger beer. Some people enjoy adding a splash of lime juice to the top to brighten the flavors, but no matter what, you can expect a sweet, spicy taste to your drink.

To make a great mixed drink, you don’t have to fiddle with tons of ingredients or overload yourself with so much hard alcohol that you can’t taste anything sweet. These recipes are all simple to make and delicious, and they still scream “masculine” from the rooftops. With these cocktails memorized, you’ll be the hit of your next party—and you’ll enjoy it, too.