Men’s Leather Trifold Wallet: 4 Must-Haves for Everyday Use

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The men's trifold wallet is an essential accessory—combining functionality and practicality—that every gentleman should own.

While it’s simple and elegant like its popular counterpart, the traditional bifold wallet, it boasts three sections and two folds, providing more storage space for your cash, receipts, and cards.

I believe in investing in a quality men's trifold wallet for multiple reasons:

  • They have an abundance of space for you to fit everything from business cards to medical receipts.
  • Due to the nature of the design, it won’t open accidentally. You can be sure that all your items will stay intact.
  • You won’t have to worry about trends; it’s a timeless piece that will stand the test of time.
  • Despite its large capacity, its slim and minimal design makes it easily portable.

But not all leather trifold wallets are worth your purchase. Many are bulky and uncomfortable. Some are made with fake leather, and others aren’t very attractive.

Remember, a quality wallet can be likened to a perfectly fitted suit

So don’t underestimate your men's trifold wallet. Only invest in the best, and find a wallet with these four qualities.

1 - Sufficient Space for Cards

If you regularly carry several cards, you want your wallet to have enough slots for them.

Many manufacturers struggle with balancing functionality and comfort. 

While attempting to provide several card slots, they compromise on the wallet’s effectiveness, making it bulky. Sometimes slots are also too narrow, and don’t provide enough room for access.

This results from poor design. Most men's trifold wallets with 8–9 card pockets are very large and will stick out of your pocket. 

Instead of choosing a bulky, poorly designed wallet, opt for a slimmer one that’s space-efficient.

space-efficient Trifold Leather Wallet with money and receipt
S​​pace-efficient Trifold Leather Wallet with money and receipt

Space-efficient wallets are designed to make use of every inch of space and still maintain the slim, functional look you’d find with a Billfold wallet or a Card Wallet.

This is a design that Popov Leather clearly understands. Our men's trifold wallets have only four card slots but are wide enough to fit at least two cards per pocket.

This gives the wallets a slim, minimalist look that snugly fits into your pocket while still providing room for more than eight cards.

Did you know?

The first wallets in the West were produced after the introduction of paper currency in the 1600s and were made from cow or horse leather. Before this, coin satchels—typically basic drawstring leather pouches—were used to hold coins.

2 - RFID Protection

Until recently, credit cards relied on the use of a magnetic stripe in order to make payments. Today, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology enables them to make contactless transactions.

Unfortunately, this new technology has also attracted hackers who collect RFID information from up to three meters away.

This crime is referred to as RFID skimming. It occurs when someone with an RFID scanner stands near you and uses the scanner to extract the information on your card.

Luckily, RFID protection or blocking helps to prevent this malicious act.

Some men's trifold wallets have built-in RFID-blocking pockets that shield your cards from skimming. 

Such wallets will protect all your cards, including those you may not know are RFID-enabled.

The most reliable option, however, is RFID blocking cards, also called wallet gauntlets. Besides blocking radio and magnetic waves, they actively jam scanning devices.

RFID Blocking Wallet Gauntlet
RFID Blocking Wallet Gauntlet​​

Our Solution

Popov Leather’s Wallet Gauntlet is a must-have if you want to actively protect your cards while still owning an elegant, classic men's trifold wallet.

Here’s why:

  • It’s more secure than an RFID wallet, providing constant security within 2 cm on either side.
  • It’s small and easily transferable from one wallet to another.
  • It’s easy to use; slide it into your wallet close to your RFID-enabled cards, and you’re set.
  • It’s compatible with every wallet, not just Popov Leather Wallets.
  • Its slim design makes it an ideal, functional everyday carry accessory.
  • It doesn’t need a battery to operate.

Oftentimes, contactless credit cards are protected by RFID blocking wallets, a passive blocking technology that only absorbs or reflects incoming RFID signals.

But for RFID-enabled passports and ID cards that have a larger signal reach, you need the active blocking technology that can only be provided by RFID-blocking cards.

To avoid RFID theft and keep all of your information safe, ensure that your men's trifold wallet is holding the best RFID blocking card at all times.

"...I purchased a total of 20 Wallet Gauntlets, all as gifts and one for me. They were very well received…"

Judith N, Verified Buyer

the best wallet has wide slots

3 - Quick Access Slots

Some men’s trifold wallets are a bit fiddly when it comes to accessing the cards held in the card slots.

Other slots are too narrow or deep, inhibiting how quickly and efficiently you can remove them.

To combat this problem, some manufacturers have featured a “quick access card slot” at the back of the trifold wallet which enables men to quickly access their most used cards.

But this method isn’t secure. Because the card isn’t inside your wallet, it’s much easier to accidentally lose it. It will also be subject to dust and dirt.

Other manufacturers include a button at the bottom of their wallets; upon pressing it, the cards are released instantly.

While this method may seem convenient, removing all of your cards at once isn’t the safest thing to do; it’s easy for cards to get lost this way and for you to become a victim of RFID skimming and other credit card theft.

The best men's trifold wallet design for quick access to your cards is one that features wide slots to sufficiently hold several cards at once without stacking them close together.

Popov Leather Trifold Wallet
Popov Leather Trifold Wallet​​

With this, you’ll be able to quickly access any card in your trifold wallet and still maintain a high level of security.

Popov Leather men's trifold wallets feature secure card slots that are wide enough to hold more than two cards per pocket without creating a card sandwich.

The slots are easily accessible and designed to give you a good grip, allowing you fast access to your cards when you need them.

4 - Identification (ID) Window

It’s crucial to have your ID ready at all times—you never know when you’ll need it.

That’s why your men's trifold wallet must have an ID window. Once your ID is in place, all you need to do is open your wallet and flash your picture—no need to remove it.

Some trifold wallets have an exterior ID window, but this design isn’t durable. The outside of your wallet is prone to scratches, dents, and rips, which will end up destroying your ID card.

Men’s trifold wallets with interior ID windows offer much better protection, keeping your card in perfect condition.

Heritage Brown Leather Trifold Wallet
Heritage Brown Leather Trifold Wallet​​

Popov Leather’s men's trifold wallets feature an interior ID window slot that flips open for easy access. If you don’t use your ID often, you can tuck it away and only take it out when the need arises.

easy to carry leather wallet

Time to Own the Best Men's Trifold Leather Wallet

A men’s leather trifold wallet is an everyday accessory that reflects your personal style. But regardless of your reason for having one, be sure to invest in one that’s high quality.

The best men’s trifold wallet should have enough space for all your cards, active RFID blocking technology, accessible card slots, and a separate interior ID window that allows you to flash your ID when necessary.

You’ll only find these features in a quality leather wallet like Popov Leather's Trifold Wallet. It’s made from full-grain Horween leather—the highest quality leather—and hand-sewn with durable Tiger thread that will never unravel or come apart.

The thick, durable men's trifold leather wallet is designed to be space-efficient and slim, making it easy to carry in your front or back pocket.

As the wallet ages, it becomes softer and stronger, while developing a rich leather patina that makes it uniquely yours. 

Discover Men's Trifold Wallet From Our Shop

Even better, the trifold leather wallet comes in four stylish colors that pair with just about anything men own. 

Check them out in the table below.

English Tan Heritage Brown Black Natural

English Tan Trifold Wallet

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Heritage Brown Trifold Wallet

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Black Trifold Wallet

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Natural Trifold Wallet

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Browse our wide selection of leather wallets to find your favorite. Besides the trifold, we have other staples such as money clips, card holders, and ID wallets.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We’ll get back to you in no time.

"... What a perfectly wonderful company. I am a customer and friend for life! ...100 stars to Popov Leather!"

George Bressler, New Cumberland, PA

Written by Ryan Popoff

Ryan Popoff is the creative mind behind Popov Leather wallets, iPhone cases, belts, watch bands and journals since 2013. With a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts, my leatherworking journey began at home. I wanted to create a simple leather wallet that could fit into my front pocket and — to my delight — it was a hit with family and friends. Hopefully you love our honest, quality leather goods too! Reach out with questions.

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