This page is a gallery of all the artists featured on our stickers.

We print a limited run of each design and send one with every order. Each sticker will only be available for a limited time. Once we run out, a new sticker will be introduced.

Winter 2017 (Current Run)
Tim Mack

Tim Mack lives and works in Vancouver B.C. He enjoys drawing stuff and swimming in the ocean.


Fall 2017

Tait Gilliland

I got interested in making jewellery as a joke in my high-school career class, and-- like a lot of things in my life, weirdly-- what started out as a punch line became a passion. I'm currently in my 2nd year of jewellery college, and will soon be kicked out of the school nest and into the wide world of handmade business. Until then, you can find me working late nights in the studio, drinking decaf and listening to too many spooky podcasts.


Spring 2017 
Tessa Joyce Riecken

I'm an artist living and working in Vancouver, Canada. I primarily use Photoshop, though I trained traditionally as a painter in university. Currently I am working at Titmouse as a character designer and it's pretty much the coolest job ever. I am also a co-founder and director of ArtBreakers Illustration Society - a non-profit community of professional artists that hosts rad events.


Fall & Spring 2016 
Christopher Fernandez

Hi, I’m Chris Fernandez, designer, illustrator, unpublished critic and perpetually disappointing blogger. I live in and love Philadelphia; sporadically making time for comics, bad action movies, good actual movies and Salsa – of the dancing variety, though the dip is a reoccurring character in my life, too.

Being fortunate enough to love what I do has so much to do with the great people and place I work at, Brownstein Group. As a Associate Creative Director, I design, direct and implement beautiful campaigns and brands ranging from traditional to mobile to web and user experience design. For the past 4 years I have also had the great pleasure of teaching a small, but promising sampling of the next wave of future creative talents at my alma mater, Drexel University.