Leather Biker Wallet - Carry Without Compromise

Carry Without Compromise

The Leather Biker Wallet

The everyday wallet for those who carry a lot. Features optional solid brass chain.


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English Tan

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Heritage Brown

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Our full-grain Horween leather means the biker wallet will develop character and patina. We hand-sew this wallet with thick Tiger Thread so it will never unravel or come apart. The wallet features generous storage for cash, checks and all you cards. Carry everything you need without having to compromise. We take a lot of pride in our work and back each wallet with a lifetime guarantee.

Made from USA Horween full grain leather - a durable leather that will develop a rich patina over time.

Lifetime guarantee means we stand behind every wallet we make.

Burnished and Polished edges show attention to detail in our work.

Hand-sewn with durable Tiger Thread: will never unravel or come apart.

Secure 8 card slots, with room for at least 16 cards without having to work in the leather. Easily hold up to 20 bills with additional space for receipts and notes.

Add solid brass chain with belt loop to keep your wallet close.

Made with Full Grain Leather

Full grain leather is the strongest, most durable leather you can buy. We source our leather from the Horween Leather Co. a family-run tannery in Chicago IL. Our biker wallets are ultra durable and will develop develop a rich patina over time. 

Sewn by Hand

We painstakingly hand-sew all our biker wallets to ensure that the stitching will never unravel or come apart. We sew our goods with a traditional saddle-stitch method using a waxed, braided polyester thread.

Lifetime Guarantee

We take a lot of pride in our work and back each wallet with a lifetime guarantee.



"I was downsizing everything for years. I also have the 5 card wallet and the coin wallet. Both of those are excellent products. But I wanted something I could carry unfolded bills and all of the other stuff I had been tossing off to the side. This fit perfectly. The quality and craftsmanship are outstanding. I am carrying this more and more because I love the feel and the functionality. I thought when I first saw it, it would be a pain lining up and snapping the thing closed all the time. But somehow it never seems to be a problem, it’s usually lined up on its own, snaps shut tight and secure. Just the feel and the smell and the quality of both the leather and the workmanship make this an outstanding wallet. It’s tall, but not much taller than a full size iPhone, so carrying it is much less of a problem than I expected. And I’ll be honest...everytime I pick it up I’m like “man this thing smells good” I highly recommend this wallet and most things from Popov leather. I’ll keep buying stuff from them till I have at least one of everything they make I think. "

Steve R.


"Very Well Made. Can Hold a lot of Stuff... Cards, Cash, Business Cars, you name it.. It will hold it and still closes very easily. The best Long Wallet I've tested so far..."

Billy C.


"This is my second purchase from Popov Leather. Again, I am very impressed with the quality of the leather and will buy from them again."

Gabriel C.