Why Is Hand-Sewing Better Than Machine-Sewing?

If you’ve checked out our product descriptions, you already know that one of the things we’re particularly proud of here at Popov Leather is the fact that all of our leather goods are sewn by hand. While this is a clear sign of the hard work we put into each and every one of our objects, you may wonder if it actually leads to a better product at the end of the day.

The short answer is yes. By hand sewing our products, we ensure that the item you get at the end of the day is the best it can be. But don’t just take my word for it. Here are the major ways that hand sewing outshines machine sewing every time.

Another Eye on Your Product

If you’ve ever worked on an assembly line in a factory, you know that machines make mistakes every day. One of the major jobs in factories is to watch items zooming by on a conveyer belt and try and quickly spot and pick out any defects. Hand-sewing products rather than machine sewing them ensures that there is a human eye closely examining every inch of your leather product. You’re not relying on lightning reflexes to spot glaring errors. Meticulous, detailed attention is paid to your item from the beginning of production to the end.

More Durable

Machine stitching relies on the use of something called a lockstitch. A lockstitch has the thread loop over itself, binding thread to thread to hold it in place. On most cloth items this is fine, but think of what happens when you get a loose thread on a bit of clothing. If you pull on that thread, the entire line of stitching can come undone.

Obviously, this is the opposite of what we want with fine leather goods which are meant to last a lifetime. That’s why when we hand sew our items, we use what’s called a saddle stitch. Saddle stitching, which is further outlined on our website, binds the thread against the leather rather than against itself. This ensures that even if one stitch in the chain breaks, the rest of the stitching will remain intact.


There’s a reason Grandma used to say that the secret ingredient in her cookies was love. Taking the time to hand sew our products means that we are putting our heart and soul into each item that we make. This makes us masters of our craft, allowing us to provide better service if you call with questions and ensure your satisfaction every time.