Why Have a Coin Pouch?

It’s hard to function these days without a quality leather wallet. Everything from your ID to your credit card is safely stored inside. Minimalist wallets are lightweight and can be easily carried no matter your attire or location. Because of this, it can be tempting to rely solely on your minimalist wallet. However, there are times when it is necessary to keep a leather coin pouch on hand. Wondering why you might want both? Here are some times coin pouches come in handy.

Keeping the Weight Off

It’s no secret that coins are heavy. One of the reasons our society has a mainly plastic system is to get away from carrying cumbersome, metal-laden coins in our pockets. A coin pouch allows you to get the best out of your minimalist lifestyle. When you use paper money, you can tuck the change into your coin pouch and set it aside instead of having the change weigh down—and stretch out—your wallet.

For Tolls

Toll booths still rely on physical, rather than plastic, currency. If you travel through toll booths, it becomes important to have a stash of coins on hand. Keeping a coin pouch in your car can ensure that you always have the change you need to get through the tolls.

For Your Kids

How often have your kids asked you for a dollar for the ice cream truck? Keeping a coin pouch on the windowsill with a little petty cash in it can show your kids that you trust them to make sound decisions with the money without giving them open access to your wallet.

In an age of plastic, coin pouches may seem like a remnant from a bygone era, but the truth is that until we entirely rid ourselves of physical money, there will always be spare change. Having somewhere dedicated to put this change ensures you don’t lose track of it, saving you money over time, while also keeping it from weighing down your day-to-day wallet.