What Should You Keep in Your Passport Case?

Leather Passport Cover

Passport cases are great for the frequent traveler. Whether your travels take you on plane rides or cruises, having your necessities on hand can ease the stress associated with traveling long distances. To get the most out of your passport case, it's important to know what to keep in it to make traveling easier without stretching out your leather. Here are the top items I recommend keeping in your passport case.

1.) Passport

There's a reason passport cases were given their name. The number one item to store in your passport case is, of course, your passport. Passport cases allow this cumbersome travel item to be on-hand for airport security checks and prevent you from having to dig through your carry-on bags.

2.) Your boarding passes

Like your passport, your boarding pass is necessary to have on had when you're making your way through airport, train, or ship security checkpoints. This makes it the next most important item to carry in your passport case after your passport.

3.) Your License

If you're going to be buying drinks while you're waiting to get through security or renting a car when you get to your destination, you're going to want to be able to locate your license quickly and easily. Although it may feel like overkill to have your license in addition to your passport, your license is small enough that its addition to your passport case shouldn't put undue stress on the leather and you'll be thankful not to have to fumble with your passport constantly once you're through security.

4.) Your Credit Card

You don't need all of the items you typically carry in your wallet in your passport case, but it can be a good idea to have at least one credit or debit card on hand. This allows you to make basic purchases, such as a drink in the airport terminal or a car rental, without having to dig for your day-to-day wallet. It also gives you an emergency account in case your carry-on bag gets lost or stolen in transit.

5.) A Little Bit of Cash

You'll want to be careful when putting cash in your passport case. Folded cash can be thick and cumbersome, and it's easy to stretch the leather of your passport case out if you pack too much cash. However, keeping a small amount of cash on hand for tips is a great idea when traveling. You may not anticipate the need for cash, but will be grateful for the ability to tip the bellhop or taxi driver.

The five items listed above are the perfect things to keep in your passport case. Sticking to these five items ensures you will have everything you need for your travels at your fingertips without having to worry about stretching out your leather or ruining your passport case.