What Is Pocket Armor and Why Should You Use It?

Pocket armor is a hand-sewn leather sleeve in which to sheath a pocket knife. It comes with a space on the side to hold a pen, and can be engraved with initials, a significant date, or a personal message. If you’ve never owned pocket armor before, however, you may wonder at the necessity of this everyday carry item.

Pocket Armor

One benefit of pocket armor is the size. Pocket armor comes in a rectangle about the size of a wallet or cell phone. This is an easy size to stow in your pockets, but is large enough that you won’t be fishing around for your knife when you need it. It holds your knife upright, preventing issues where your knife falls sideways in your pocket and hides itself beneath your wallet. After all, the point of a pocket knife or other multi tool is ease-of-use and accessibility. Pocket armors are perfect for that purpose because the top is open, leaving you with the benefits of a knife sheath without any cumbersome buttons or snaps to fight with.

Pocket armor eliminates any need for a pocket clip on your knife, a tedious invention which make your knife aesthetically unappealing and uncomfortable to carry. Knife laws in many areas are also open to interpretation, which means that having your knife clipped to your jeans may be considered open carry of a weapon. And if you’re left handed, you’re unlikely to find a pocket clip that works for your needs. Worse, pocket clips mean that metal is hanging out of your pocket, free to scrape the surface of your car or any other painted object you may come into contact with.

Pocket armor also acts as protection for you knife. Carrying an unsheathed knife in your pocket can be hard on your knife for a number of reasons.  Lockback gears can easily be made unusable if things get into them. Pocket armor ensures that nothing from your pocket, including crumbs or loose bits of fiber, jams the gear of your knife, so keeping your knife sheathed limits the amount of time you need to spend cleaning and oiling your gears. It also prevents your knife from getting scratched up by coins, keys, and other EDC items that may be rattling about in your pockets.

Of course, pocket armor isn’t called knife armor, and one of its biggest strengths is the protection it offers to your pockets. There’s little worse than the feeling of change running down the inside of your legs, or the realization that you’ve lost a ticket stub or important receipt due to a hole you didn’t realize existed. Pocket knives have a number of great uses, but carrying them can be hard on your pockets. Many high-quality jeans and trousers have unfortunately low-quality pocket linings, and if the fabric of your pockets gets caught between the panels of your knife or if the ribbing on your knife is made for a strong grip, a hole can be easily torn in your pocket.

Pocket armor isn’t just an accessory with a fancy pen holder on the side. If you’re the type of person who likes having an accessible multi-tool on hand at all times, pocket armor ensures it’s where you want it to be when you want it to be there. It acts as a pivotal tool in maintaining the quality and longevity of your pocket-tool, ensuring that it maintains its buy-it-for-life nature.