What Do Turntable Mats Do?

by Ryan Popoff January 10, 2018

Leather Turntable Mats

If you're new to the vinyl craze, some of the accessories that go along with your record player may be unfamiliar to you. Vinyl enthusiasts laud the use of turntable mats to increase the sound quality of their records and reduce skip rates. How do turntable mats do this, and how do you decide which turntable mat is best for you?

What Is a Turntable Mat?

A turntable mat is a disc-shaped object which is placed between your platter and the vinyl. About the same size as your leather, turntable mats keep your record steady as it spins and ensure a smooth, even sound throughout your listening experience. Different turntable mat materials provide different acoustic experiences. This makes the turntable mat one of the most important accessories for your record player. If you hang around vinyl enthusiasts, you will quickly learn that there are strong opinions regarding different turntable mats and their acoustic properties.

What Are the Benefits of Leather Turntable Mats?

Here at Popov Leather, we offer sleek, minimalist turntable mats made of Horween Cromexel Leather which come in four different colors to match your personal style. There are many benefits to using leather turntable mats over other materials such as cork or rubber.

Leather is an appropriately light material to use for a turntable mat. Lightweight materials ensure there is no drag on your vinyl as it gets up to speed. Leather also doesn't build up a static charge. This means that you won't have to listen to annoying cracks and pops as you enjoy your favorite album.

Leather also has the benefit of offering a smooth surface which will not stick to or scratch your vinyl. This means that not only will your turntable mat last for a long time, but your vinyls will have an increased lifespan as well. Leather is easy to clean and dust doesn't stick to it as it would stick to materials such as cork. Once again, this keeps your vinyls in their best possible shape over time.

Of course, the greatest benefit of turntable mats is the acoustic enhancement they offer your records. Leather creates a deep, rich sound. The supple material limits background noise during playback so that you can enjoy the musical experience the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

Ryan Popoff
Ryan Popoff

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