What Do Notebook Covers Have to Do with BIFL?

by Ryan Popoff December 15, 2017

When I was a kid, back-to-school shopping was one of my favorite activities. It was always a delight to pick out new notebooks and binders with my favorite TV show characters on them. Though I'm a fan of the digital age, I continue to use notebooks on a daily basis even as an adult. I'm a man who likes to work with my hands, and the physicality of putting things down on paper can't be rivaled with a computer. Though I still enjoy showing off my personal style through my notebooks, I've moved away from cartoon covers, preferring a more classic look.

Meanwhile, I've also learned to appreciate buy-it-for-life items in a way I didn't know to as a child. Notebooks themselves can not be purchased for life. The pages of a notebook fill quickly, and even the nicest leather-bound notebook won't last forever. That's where notebook covers come in.

Because notebooks themselves are temporary in nature, they often have low-quality cardboard covers that provide limited protection for the pages they encase. High-quality notebook covers provide a layer of padding between the outside of your notebook and your notebook pages. This can keep the pages of your notebook protected if you have to take your notebook outside in the rain or if you drop your notebook on the ground.

Notebook covers are also a great place to show off your personal style. Unlike notebooks, they don't become obsolete as soon as you've filled their pages. Notebook covers can be transferred from notebook to notebook as long as you continue to buy the same size, which makes them a great investment.

Notebook covers show that you have style and class. Bringing a regular uncovered notebook into a meeting is fine, but bringing in a nice leather-bound notebook shows a level of sophistication not present with cardboard notebook covers. They can be slid easily into a briefcase and look nice and professional. It also makes it easy to distinguish your notebook from the other A5 notebooks in the office.

Ryan Popoff
Ryan Popoff

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