Traditional Wallets, Front Pocket Wallets, and Billfolds: A Comparison

As a company specializing in leather goods, wallets are at the forefront of what we produce here at Popov Leather. We offer a variety of shades and styles to meet every man’s needs. If you’re searching for a new wallet, we’re confident that we have the perfect option for you. To steer you in the right direction, here’s a breakdown of our three most popular wallet styles and what each one offers the man in need.

Traditional Wallets

The first wallet you ever received as a boy was likely a traditional wallet. Just like dad used to wear, these bifold wallets are meant to be stored in your back pocket. They have ample room for cards and cash on the inside and are perfect for those men who like the look and feel of traditional wallets. If you carry a lot of cash on you at any given time or are prone to indulging in multiple memberships with lots of cards, you’re probably a traditional wallet man.

Front Pocket Wallets

On the other hand, there are plenty of men looking for a more minimalist money management solution. Our front pocket wallets are designed to be slimmer in design than traditional wallets. This means that they may have a little less space for cards than traditional wallets and minimal space for cash, but can fit into smaller pockets and feel less bulky.


Billfolds are our compromise between the carrying capacity of traditional wallets and the sleek design of front pocket wallets. The cash is carried on the outside of these wallets, encouraging men to carry enough cash to get by. This is a great option for the man who loves to travel and needs some money on hand for tipping cab drivers, for example, but who doesn’t regularly carry large amounts of cash. They have four card slots inside them and offer a great deal of versatility for the modern man.