Top 5 Popov Items No Man Should Be Without

It’s no secret that Popov’s Leather designs many of its items with men’s needs in mind. As a man, I know what I need to feel productive and happy, and I know which items get in the way of that. I also know which items help with that. In fact, Popov’s Leather began because I was tired of traditional back-pocket wallets and needed a front-pocket wallet that was convenient for me.  To this day, I remain dedicated to creating products men really need in their lives. Here are the top 5 items we produce that no man should be without.

Front-Pocket Wallets

The cornerstone of Popov’s Leather, my desperate need for a quality front-pocket wallet is why I got into this industry. Lightweight and convenient, front-pocket wallets allow you to grab-and-go quickly. They ensure that you have everything you need at your fingertips without adding unnecessary bulk to your person. This is even more important if you like to travel as keeping front-pocket wallets secure is easier than wallets kept in your rear pocket. Front-pocket wallets also stream-line your appearance, allowing your clothes to fall closer to your skin and appear more natural in their fit.

Dopp Kit

Women aren’t the only ones with toiletry needs. From wet-shaving supplies to hair gel, facial cleansers, and deodorant, our toiletries add up fast. Dopp kits allow you to keep all of your toiletries in one convenient location, decreasing bathroom clutter while also allowing you to travel with ease.

Leather Belt

Belts have a long and intricate history, and have long signified wealth and status in our world. Today, while belts continue to have a utility purpose, they also tie our looks together. A solid black belt can look professional and sleek while a well-worn English tan belt showcases your rugged and interconnected relationship with the world around you.

Leather Watch Strap

With the advent of cell phones and laptops, portable timepieces are used less these days than they were in the past, which I think is a real shame. A nice watch offers the convenience of time, but it also enhances a man’s appearance. Classy and timeless, our leather watch straps enhance your favorite timepiece, showcasing your style and attention to detail.

Workshop Apron

Bookending this list is another item we created specifically because there was a need we could not find met elsewhere. Specifically, we needed a durable workshop apron that was comfortable to wear, didn’t get in the way of our work, and protected our clothes from our heavy-duty workings. I love our workshop apron in the workplace, but I offer them wholesale because I realize they’re an item every man needs. What man doesn’t occasionally refinish a table or build a shelf? Our aprons hold up against even the most rugged workshop tasks and are a must-have for every man.

These are my five must-have Popov Items, but I’d love to hear what you guys have to say. Do you love the items on this list? Do you have your own Popov Must-Haves that I’ve left off? Comment below!