Thank You Gifts for the Parents of the Bride & Groom

Planning a wedding takes a lot of care, dedication, and hard work, not only from you and your spouse but also from both families. Even if your families aren’t contributing to the event, without your parents, you and your spouse would not be where you are today.

Weddings symbolize the end of the time when your parents were your whole world and the start of your new family unit with your spouse. As a result, it is customary for you and your spouse to give gifts to your parents to show that you appreciate everything they’ve done for you up until this point. If your parents are contributing to the event, either monetarily or by dedicating their time to helping with projects and decisions, it is even more important to ensure you give them a proper thank you at the end of the night. This guide offers some great gift ideas for all four parents.

For the Mother of the Bride

The mother-of-the-bride can often feel neglected during the wedding process. After all, the father of the bride walks the bride down the aisle, and the mother of the groom gets a dance, but the mother of the bride traditionally has no special symbolic ceremony to mark this occasion. Choosing with care a gift for the mother of the bride can help her through this emotional journey with her daughter.  

As with all parental gifts, a portion of it should seem to come from the bride and portion should seem to come from the groom. We recommend in this case that the portion that comes from the bride be heartfelt and sincere, such as a hand-written poem. This could be tucked into a luxury wallet from the groom that she could continue to use from here on out to remember the occasion.

For the Mother of the Groom

There’s a saying that goes: “A son is a son until he marries his wife; a daughter is a daughter for life.” As hard as it may be for the bride and groom to imagine, the mother of the groom may have mixed feelings about the wedding because, as happy as she is for her son to be wed, she may feel she is losing him in the process. Giving the gift to the mother of the groom can be a great way for the bride and groom both to show their respect for her and their plan to keep her in their lives.

In this case, we recommend the portion of the gift that comes from the bride be especially respectful and heartfelt. One great saying to gift on a piece of jewelry for her is, “Thank you for raising the man of my dreams.” Coming from the bride, this shows respect for her role as his mother. This can be paired nicely with something that has the wedding date engraved on it.

For the Father of the Bride

It would be a mistake to believe that in the case of a wedding, the fathers of the happy couple are less emotional than the mothers. The father of the bride literally walks his daughter down the aisle and gives her away, a symbol that he is entrusting another to protect his little girl from now on, and while the tradition may seem old-fashioned to some couples, to dads, the symbolism still carries great weight.

This is one time when the heartfelt message should come from the groom, acknowledging that he takes his role seriously. A watch face engraved with the phrase “Thank you for loving her first“ can pair nicely with a luxury watch strap from the daughter.

For the Father of the Groom

The father of the groom was the man the groom measured himself up against throughout his childhood—the first example of masculinity he ever had. A sweet message from his future daughter-in-law could be, “Thank you for raising the man of my dreams,” while from his son, “I hope I’m half the dad you were to me” could mean a lot (assuming the couple is planning to have kids one day).

Whichever you land on, it can be nice if the luxury item paired with the sentimental item for this dad matches the luxury item given to the father of the bride. This can enhance the feeling of family unity between the two families.