Sporting a Lighter Look for Summer

Sporting a Lighter Look for Summer

Summer has finally arrived. Along with summer heat and summer sports, the season brings with it an opportunity to change up your wardrobe. 

There’s a reason black isn’t a popular color in the Carribean. Heat absorbs into dark surfaces and reflects away from light surfaces, which means that if you’re wearing dark colors in the heat of summer, you’re going to be hot. That’s why it’s important to sport a lighter look when summer hits. It will keep you cool while also ensuring that you don’t stand out like a black leather jacket on a hot summer beach.

Don’t Be Afraid of Short Sleeves

Dressing for summer is about staying cool, which means that it’s okay to show off your arms—and even your legs. There are plenty of guys who fear that if they wear shorts, they’ll look less professional and in control of their outfit. While shorts may not be the best choice for the office, it’s possible to wear shorts and look completely put together during your off-days.

The trick is locating shorts that look good on you. Make sure the fit is good: You don’t want your shorts handing down too low on your waist or coming up too high on your thighs. Baggy cargo shorts or gym shorts may have been the style in your college years, but now that you’re a man you may be better off in shorts that are made of light-weight, thin materials.

Don’t Be Afraid of Colors

Many guys tend to be color minimalists. During the winter, that’s perfect, but summer is a great time to experiment with some bolder color choices. Try mixing your wardrobe up with some bright colors and patterns, which speak to the lighter nature of summer fashion. 

Accessories Matter

Pairing bright colors with dark accessories will ensure that you don’t look like you’re dressing with intention this summer. Here at Popov Leather, we offer items in a variety of colors, but if you’re looking for your accessories to match your light summer look, our naked leather is the right way to go. For example, our naked leather watch strap will allow your favorite watch to look great when you’re wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  Going on a cruise this summer with the family? Bring along a naked leather passport case.

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