Shows Featuring Men's Artistic Sides

As the father of a young boy, I often think about what kind of man I’m raising him to be. I’m a firm believer that there is no one perfect version of manhood we should each aspire to. Masculinity comes in various shapes and sizes, and I want my son to be able to explore the version of masculinity that’s right for him. That’s why I find the representation of men in media so important.

Media easily depicts men as strong, rugged, and protective. What it often neglects to show is that men can also be creative. I started my own business due to my love for leather crafting, but without the proper encouragement of my creativity, that may never have happened. That’s why, when I find a good show that features creative men, I get excited. Here are some of my current favorites!

Raw Craft

Raw craft is a YouTube special that will encourage you to whip out your workshop apron and get going on some of the tasks at home that you’ve been dying to get your hands on. Each episode steps inside a different workshop, giving you a unique behind-the-scenes look at some of the most talented artisans around. The artisans not only show their work but also give an honest perspective of what it has taken to get to where they are.

Cake Boss

If you’re looking for less hammer-and-nails and more flour and sugar, cake boss is the show for you. This isn’t your average cooking show. Each episode focuses on one masterfully designed cake from Carlo’s Bakery, with smaller cakes taking up the B-side of the story. Before I watched this show, I was unaware of the mastery that goes into making some of these desserts. They’ve had everything, from a 500-lb tank-shaped cake in celebration of the US Army’s 237th anniversary to a moving Transformers cake. If you’re looking for crafty men who go above and beyond, Cake Boss will definitely inspire you.

Brother vs Brother

One of the things I love about Brother vs Brother is that it features two men, Jonathan and Drew, who are both creative and competitive with one another. These brothers have been working together for years, and in Brother vs Brother, they each lead a team in renovating a home, with the two homes going against each other for an ultimate winner.

Men are often depicted as being more logical than creative, but in my experience, that doesn’t have to be the case. Creativity is an important part of life, whether you’re turning an old desk into a changing table or coming up with a new solution to an old problem. I love when television showcases men’s inner creativity.