Should You Get a Zulu Strap or a Two-Piece Strap?

by Ryan Popoff November 29, 2017

As men, we don’t have a lot of options when it comes to adorning ourselves and showing off our personal styles. Watches are one accessory that can be personalized to showcase individual tastes. A good watch, while practical, can also show your class and sense of style. Different watch straps can emphasize different colors and styles of watch. Using a leather strap on your watch is unique in a world full of run-of-the-mill chain link straps. It’s also practical. When properly cared for, leather can stand the test of time.

If you’ve never had a leather strap on your watch or have never paid attention to your watch straps, you may not be sure what style strap to buy. This guide will go over the differences between zulu straps and two-piece straps.

Zulu Strap

Zulu Strap

Zulu straps are also known as single-pass watch straps. They are characterized by a single strip of material passing beneath the springs of the watch and beneath the case, so that the metal of the watch never touches your wrist. Because they only rely on one piece of fabric, they are not terribly bulky and have a sleek, clean appearance. Even James Bond has been seen sporting a one-piece strap.

They were originally invented for British military troops due to their durability and comfort and the fact that they can be adjusted to fit over military uniforms.They can also be pulled snugly against the wrist, and are popular amongst divers for that reason.

Two-Piece Strap

Two Piece Strap

Two-piece straps are characterized by two strips of material passing beneath the lugs of the watch and back onto themselves, which tend to make them thicker and sturdier than zulu straps. With a two-piece strap, the metal of the watch does touch your wrist, which some prefer to having the leather against their skin. They tend to fit modern-style watches with fixed bars or spring bars while maintaining a classic appearance.

At the end of the day, the style of watch strap you purchase is a personal choice. A lot of it has to do with your preferred look, a decision which can also be altered by the face of the watch, the size of your buckle, the color of the leather, and the color of the thread. The cool-factor of James Bond has perhaps contributed to single-pass watch straps being more popular than two-piece straps, but if you work in a rugged industry, the two-piece strap may better suit your needs. Regardless of whether you choose a two-piece or single-pass watch strap, you are sure to add a unique look to your favorite timepiece.

Ryan Popoff
Ryan Popoff

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