Razor Sleeve, Travel Case, or Dopp Kit?

As the holiday season approaches, many of us are making travel arrangements. If, like me, you've taken up wet shaving, traveling with your razor may become a new consideration. You don't just want to throw your good blade in the bottom of your duffel bag and hope for the best. There are many ways to protect your razor and ensure it arrives at your destination in the same great shape it left home in. These include the razor sleeve, the travel case, and the dopp kit. But how do you know which is the right option for you? Let's go over each one.

Razor Sleeve

Razor Sleeves

Razor sleeves are by far the slimmest option for traveling with a razor. If you're trying to travel light, this may be the best option for you. They are created to mold themselves around your razor. The soft leather will ensure your razor remains scuff-free during your journey, and they come fitted to your specific razor size. A razor sleeve could easily be tucked into a small pocket of your duffel bag, or even slid into a large pocket. It's a good option for a carry-on if you want to ensure you have this essential when you arrive at your destination. It's also a good option for an overnight trip that you're not packing much for.

Of course, the size of a razor sleeve, while convenient, also has limitations. If your goal is travel with all of your specialized shaving supplies rather than just your razor, a travel case or dopp kit may be a better option for you.

Travel Case

Travel Case

Razor travel cases lie at the intersection of size and utility, and are a good mid-range travel option for your razor. It has room not just for your razor, but also for extra razor blades, and is inspired by World War II travel case designs. The razor travel case is a little larger than your typical money pouch, and can be tucked into the front pocket of a backpack or duffle. Your razor and blades are carefully secured with leather straps and then wrapped in leather like the precious cargo they are. Although it has room for slightly more inside it than the razor sleeve, it's still compact and can neatly travel with you. 

Dopp Kit

Dopp kit

Dopp kits are larger than either travel cases or razor sleeves, and are, in fact, large enough that you could tuck a travel case or razor sleeve inside of them. The first dopp kit was created by a man named Jerome Harris, who was working for his uncle, Charles Doppelt, at the time. They were first popularized during World War I as providing an efficient space to carry toiletries. The biggest benefit of dopp kits is the fact that they can carry all your toiletries, including not just your razor but your shaving cream and aftershave, as well as non-shaving-related toiletries such as deodorant and toothpaste. If you're traveling a long distance or are going to be gone long enough that you don't want to rely on the fun-size bottles of shampoo and squares of soap provided by hotels, the dopp kit may be the best option for you. It will protect anything else in your suitcase from being ruined by leaking bottles, and will also ensure that your essentials are all in one easy-to-reach location. Dopp kits are great to stick in your carry-on so that if anything happens to delay your luggage in your travels, you at least have your most important items on hand. If you have medicine, you can also put those in your dopp kit with your toiletries.

Of course, dopp kits are much larger than your other options and may not be best for compact travel. You may also worry that if you put your razor in your dopp kit, it may become stuffed by your other toiletries. If you are particular about your shaving supplies or other toiletries, however, dopp kits are the clear way to go. One great choice is to put a razor sleeve or travel case inside your dopp kit. This gives you the benefit of having all of your supplies in one location while continuing to protect your razor from bumping against anything else in your dopp kit.

Traveling, whether for the holidays or for business, can either be a fun experience or a headache. Preparing ahead of time reduces the stress of travel so that you can enjoy the perks. By having the right supply on hand to take care of your razor, you can take that stress off your plate.