Rainy Day Activities for the Family

Summer is a great time for the whole family to be together. When the weather is warm, you can spend time outdoors, building your health as you build your family bond. Unfortunately, rainy days do happen, and they can put a damper on plans and bring down the family spirit. Having an idea book full of special things to do on rainy days can prevent weather-related sadness and ensure you have a great time regardless of the weather. If you’re lacking in inspiration, here are some rainy day activities to add to your notebook. Write down your favorites and bust the book out any time dark clouds take over the sky.

Indoor Picnic

Picnics are a quintessentially summer activity, but having an indoor picnic can be just as fun. Pack a picnic basket, just as you would if you were going outdoors, and lay a blanket down on the living room floor. This is especially fun for kids, who will love not being forced to eat at the table for once. As you enjoy your indoor picnic, you can watch a movie or play a board game to encourage family bonding. 

Blanket Fort

This classic rainy day activity never gets old. If you need to get work done and your kids are fighting for your attention on a rainy day, this can be a great compromise. Something about being tucked into a clubhouse can make even the most mundane toys seem fresh and exciting to your kids. Spending an hour helping your kids construct an awesome blanket fort in the family room can give them someplace to hang out and read a book or color books for the rest of the day. Add some Christmas lights for ambiance and you’ll be surprised to find that your kids are content for hours.

Play Active Games

One of the worst things about rainy days is that it keeps kids indoors and following indoor rules. Kids are active by nature and need to get their energy out. If you’re great with them playing basketball in your living room, have at it, but if you like things a little more controlled, playing some active indoor games can help them expel some energy without endangering your furniture. Games like Charades, Simon Says, and Follow the Leader are all perfect for helping your family burn off some excess energy in a controlled way.

Create an Imaginary City

Kids love creative play, and this is one that you can get involved in as well. On a big, empty portion of your floor, roll out a large piece of paper. Let your kids go crazy drawing roads. Use building blocks to build houses, schools, and other town necessities, and then break out the toy cars and action figures to populate your imaginary city. This encourages your children to create and pretend with one another and also allows for cooperation in large families.