How to Switch Out Your Watch Strap

Your watch is a piece of you. A fine watch can showcase who you are as a man. Switching out your watch strap allows you to add unique personality to your watch face. If you’re looking to add a nice leather watch strap to one of your watch faces and aren’t sure how to do it, this is the guide for you. In order to switch out your watch strap, you will need not only a new leather watch strap but also a spring bar and a spring bar tool.

Step One: Remove The Old Watch Strap

The first step to switching out the strap on your watch is to remove the old strap. Because you will be dealing with small tools, we recommend working on a flat, smooth surface so that nothing gets lost in the process.

Set your watch face-down on a soft cloth. Working from the back side of the watch will ensure that any scratches you happen to make to the metal of your watch will not be seen while wearing the watch, and keeping your watch on a soft cloth will prevent damage to your watch face. Use a spring bar tool, which has a small forked end to grip the spring bar, push between the case lug and the existing watch strap. Push towards the strap, which will force the spring bar to compress and release the watch face. You’ll need to do this to both sides of the watch face to release both sides of the watch strap.

Step Two: Install the New Watch Strap

To install the new watch strap, it’s first necessary to install a new spring bar into each side of the watch strap. Do this by sliding the spring bar through the loop in the leather. Be sure to center the spring bar so that a little bit pokes through on each side of the leather strap.

Next, you’ll need to install this onto your watch face. Be sure to flip the watch strap upside down since your watch face is upside down to ensure you don’t install the strap the wrong way. The short side of the strap should be on the side with the 12 on it, while the long side of the strap should be on the side with the 6 on it. You may have to lift the watch face briefly to remind yourself which side is which.

Carefully slide one end of the spring bar into one case lug, which looks like a small hole. Next, use the spring bar tool to compress the other side of the spring bar. Line it up with the other case lug and release. This should cause the spring bar to release and the strap to stay in place.

Repeat this process on the other side of the watch. When done, tug lightly on the straps to ensure that the spring bars click into place correctly.

Your watch strap is now installed and you are free to wear it!