Helping Your Furniture Live a Longer Life

Helping Your Furniture Live a Longer Life

Furniture is one of the most expensive purchases you make for your house, so you want to be sure that the furniture you buy will live a long and prosperous life in your home. Choosing the right furniture, setting it up for success, and caring for it long-term can ensure your furniture lives life to the fullest possible extent. Here are our tips and tricks for helping your furniture live a longer life.

Buy a Strong Base

The first step to helping your furniture live a long life is to buy strong furniture to begin with. The reason antiques are so popular is because they tend to be hand-made with durable materials that last. Particleboard pieces won’t last your lifetime no matter how tenderly you treat them, ensuring you have to purchase them again and again and leading to increased waste and cost over time. Instead, spend a little more money up front to get something that can withstand the test of time.

Not sure if the piece you’re buying is strong enough? Imagine the most destructive toddler in your neighborhood. If you’d be comfortable letting that kid play on or around the furniture, it probably has a pretty solid foundation.

Treat Your Wood

Some of the sturdiest furniture around is made of wood. Wood is strong and durable, but it does have one weak point: Water. Wood pieces meant to stay indoors are often not treated the same as wood pieces, like picnic tables, which are meant for outdoor use, but if you want your furniture to last, I recommend you take the time to buy a good wood stain and stain your furniture. This can help prevent water from staining or rotting your wood down the road.

Protect Your Furniture

Tablecloths, placemats, and coasters aren’t just meant for fancy living, but should be utilized on a daily basis as a way of protecting your furniture against things that damage and stain. Coasters especially should be placed around the house anywhere you and your family commonly take drinks, which may include not only the dining room, but the office, living room, or bedrooms depending on your family rules.

Prepare to Reupholster

Fabric is one item on your furniture that can easily stain or tear. Fortunately, it’s also the easiest bit of your furniture to replace if necessary. As long as you have purchased furniture with strong bones, it’s easy to reupholster your furniture when it is stained or no longer matches your room. This allows you to reuse the same furniture while giving it a new, upgraded look.

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