Great Indoor Activities to Enjoy This Winter

December is here, and with it, the unmistakable chill of winter. Winter has some of the best sports around, and there are definitely days when it’s great to get outside and have some fun in the wintertime. However, there’s also something to be said for using winter as an excuse to stay indoors in a t-shirt and sweatpants and enjoy watching the snow fall from the warmth and comfort of your home. If that sounds like your kind of perfect winter day, here are some indoor winter activities to get you started.

Create Paper Snowflakes

Picture this: It’s cold—too cold to go outside—but your kids are dying to play in the snow. What do you do?

This classic wintertime craft can be your saving grace. All it takes is some paper and scissors to make easy paper snowflakes. Fold a single sheet of paper in quarters and let your kids cut out designs. When they unfold the paper, they’ll have snowflakes as unique as they are. Afterward, you can tie them together on a string to hang from the ceiling or drape over the mantle as an easy winter décor item, or you can simply let your kids throw them in the air and watch them drift to the floor for a DIY lesson in gravity and air resistance.

Looking for a more adult version of this easy indoor craft? Check out this tutorial on making a 3D paper snowflake!

Enjoy Cocoa and Movies

One of the best parts of winter is cuddling up on the couch beneath a warm blanket and watching your favorite holiday movies. Make a special night of it by preparing some homemade hot chocolate and picking out a few favorite films to enjoy. The key to making this a memorable occasion—and not just another night on the couch—is to really set the mood. Turn off the lights in the house and open the curtains so that you can see the snow falling by the streetlights outside, and if you have a fireplace, make sure it’s crackling atmospherically beside you. Cuddly blankets and some homemade sugar cookies can really cap this evening off.

Read a Book as a Family

When you have little kids, reading a book together is a daily activity—something you do together to feel more bonded. But when your kids get older, reading becomes a solo activity. One great way to while away the cold winter days is to choose a book to read as a family—something that will entertain you, your spouse, and any children you may have, whatever their ages. Books like the Little House on the Prairie series are great for bridging the gap between older and younger children, while for older children you might try something that you loved when you were their age. Reading a book out loud little by little can teach your children patience and also help them work on their listening skills. Meanwhile, you’ll find that you look forward to reading time as much as they do!  

Play Board Games

Nothing says wintertime quite so much as an evening spent around the dining room table playing board games. This is great for those who have a competitive side that’s not being properly utilized during the winter months when group sports are less prevalent. These days, board games aren’t just limited to the classics, and you can find a board game that will work no matter how many are in your household. There are even board games that have solo play modes!

Make Snow Ice Cream

If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, rather than just cold, this is a great option for bringing the outdoors into your home in a fun and creative way. Snow ice cream dates back to pioneer days, and there’s something exciting about partaking in an activity that your ancestors may also have enjoyed. Just be sure to use fresh, clean snow for this activity, not snow that’s been pushed around by the plow. You can also use shaved ice if you’re not certain of the quality of the snow near you. Though you can make snow ice cream with any ingredients you enjoy, here’s a recipe to get started with.

Try Some Indoor Camping

If the winter blues are hitting you bad, break things up by enjoying this typical summer activity in the warmth of your home. Throw a tent down in the living room, make some s’mores in the microwave, and tell scary stories by the light of a couple of flashlights. This activity is great for kids and adults both, and the best part about camping indoors is that modern amenities are only a few feet away.

All in all, there are a ton of great indoor activities you can enjoy in the winter time. Sometimes the best way to get acquainted with your family is to cocoon in the house with them and enjoy one another’s company. If you let it, winter can be the perfect excuse to do just that.