Designing a Functional Office Space

Your home office is a place for you to shine. Whether you use your home office to get a little work done on the weekend or to pursue your creative endeavors, it’s imperative that the space dedicated to your work is neat and functional. Even the smallest corner of your home can work as a functional home office as long as you are intentional about the space. With that in mind, here are some tips for setting up the perfect, functional home office space.

Keep Your Desk Free of Clutter

The number one tip to having a functional office space is to keep your desk free of clutter. There’s nothing that stamps out creativity more than piles of paperwork everywhere. If your desk is cluttered, it’s a sure bet that your mind will be cluttered as well, and you’ll waste time you could be using to work looking for the things you need.

Use a valet tray to keep essential clutter, such as a few pens and maybe your phone, sequestered to one corner of your desk. If you have drawers that you can keep paperwork in, utilize them. Otherwise, invest in a simple paper tray and keep any paperwork you’re not using neatly stowed. This will free up your desk for working and ensure you don’t get bogged down.

Keep the Basics Within Reach

There’s nothing worse than going to jot down a note and realizing you don’t have a pen handy. To avoid this, make a list of the basic items you need for your work day. This may include a nice pen, a work notebook, a stapler, or a three-hole punch. If you find yourself reaching for an item during the course of your workday, chances are you should keep the item on hand. This will prevent you from having to get up from your desk throughout the course of your work sessions and increase your overall productivity.

If you can, keep these items in the top drawer of your desk so that they don’t contribute to your overall desk clutter, or keep them in a small filing cabinet to the side of your desk. If your space necessitates keeping them on your desk, be sure to designate a space for them so that they aren’t taking up your workspace.

Personalize Your Space

Once your office space is functional, the next step is to make it truly feel like yours. This may look different for everyone. For some people, it may be a family portrait hanging up above their desks. For others, it may be a mousepad depicting their favorite sports team. The important thing is to ensure that your workspace is somewhere you don’t mind spending time.

Another aspect of personalizing your space is ensuring that the space is ergonomically right for you. Everyone has slightly different postures and needs. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your home office you want to be sure that you’re comfortable. Try out a few different chairs and keyboards before making your selection to ensure that your space is perfectly designed with you in mind.