Creating the Ultimate Man Cave

Creating the Ultimate Man Cave

We’ve all heard of the man cave: that mythical escape room in a secluded corner of the house where you can go off to do the things you love with some semblance of privacy. If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated room in your house to pursue your hobbies, whether they include video games, bar games, or simply working with your hand, you’ll want to personalize the space and really put your mark on it. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating the ultimate man cave.

Step 1: Choose a Theme

Bear with me on this one. By “theme,” we’re not talking “art deco” or “renaissance”. This isn’t a wedding theme. The theme for your man cave should be a neat way to tie all of your things together while making the space look intentional. So if your man cave is a space to store all those Batman comic books you’ve collected over the years, maybe you’ll go with a DC Comics Theme. Or maybe your plan with the man cave is to watch NHL on the big screen, and a Maple Leafs theme makes more sense for you.

Whatever theme you decide on, throw down a couple coats of paint in the right color. If you have some décor that would be perfect in there, or you want to buy a couple of pieces, great. If not, just keep it in mind during the holidays. When your in-laws ask what you want for Christmas, you can say, “I need some decorations for my man cave. My theme is X.” If they’re going to buy you a throw pillow anyway, it might as well have a purpose, right?

Step 2: Choose a Purpose

You may have come into this man cave with a purpose in mind, or you may still be figuring out what, exactly, you want to do with this space. Before you go much further, however, you need to decide what activities you’ll actually do in your man cave. To make the space function really well, you don’t want to choose more than one or two things.

Here are some common man cave purposes, and the most necessary items for each.

  • Video Game Zone – Make sure you have a comfortable couch, a big screen TV, and any game consoles you need.
  • Hang Out Area – If the point of your man cave is to have a place to hang out with your friends, you’ll want group games like pool and darts. And let’s be honest, a big screen TV and a couch can’t hurt here, either.
  • Workshop – Maybe your man cave is a place for you to get away and do some work. Have your workbench and all of your tools, but don’t forget to also give yourself a comfortable place to rest and enjoy a beer.

Step 3: Make it Functional

Now that you have a man cave, somewhat decorated and with a purpose in mind, you want to make it truly functional for you. Test the space out for a couple of days. Do you find yourself heading upstairs on the regular to get some beer and chips? Consider putting a stocked mini-fridge or a snack bar in your man cave so the things you need are at your fingertips.

If this is the place you plan to crash after working a ten-hour shift, maybe it makes sense to keep a valet tray by the EZ Chair so you can dump your keys, wallet, and cellphone into them before you plunk down for the night. The important thing is making the space work for your needs.

You also want to be sure that your man cave is a comfortable, relaxing place to hang out. Consider keeping your record player in the man cave. An old-school record player with a gorgeous leather turntable mat can class up the joint and add some style and comfort to your area.

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