Creating a Care Package for Your Son's First Day at a New Job

Creating a Care Package for Your Son's First Day at a New Job

It has finally happened: Your son has announced that he’s entered the realm of adulthood and has landed his first professional job. The long hours you spent at the kitchen table helping him with his math homework when he was a boy and the thousands of dollars you dropped on his college tuition have finally paid off. You swell with pride, and you decide that you want to show your son how proud you are of his accomplishments while also making sure that he starts off on the right foot in his new office.

Creating a care package to be delivered at your son’s desk on his first day of work can show him the pride you’re feeling, and also ensure that he has some of the supplies needed for a professional job that he might not be able to afford for himself right off the bat. Here’s our recommendation for creating his perfect professional care package.

Professional Casing

To get the most out of the money you spend on your son’s care package, you’ll want to be sure that you pack his goods in a professional case that he can use. If his new job involves a lot of travel, you may choose a leather dopp kit to case the rest of his care package in. If, on the other hand, his new job involves carrying thick files of paperwork to and from the office every day, a briefcase or nice tote bag may be more appropriate for him. Either way, let the package that you’re putting the rest of his items in be like the icing on a cake: beautiful and luxurious in its own right.

Basics in Professional Wear

If this is your son’s first professional job, the chances are good that he doesn’t own more than one or two work-appropriate outfits—namely, the outfits he dug out for interviews and weddings. Now that he’s become part of the 9-5 grind, he’s going to need some supplies. As his dad, you’re not going to supply his whole wardrobe, but putting a couple of nice pieces in his care package can get him started on the right foot.

If you’re just looking to help out a little, a package of black dress socks can help your son dress professionally at a level he may not be prioritizing at the moment. A black leather belt will also become a new staple in his wardrobe, so tucking one into his care package can’t hurt. 

If you’re hoping to help out a little more, or you know your son is particularly hard up on cash right now, a couple of nice dress shirts can be mixed and matched with the pants he owns and go a long way to getting him off on the right foot. You can even supply him with a blazer or suit jacket, both of which tend to cost more than a first-time professional can easily afford and which can make him look truly prepared for his new role.

Desk Supplies

Your son’s new office will supply some of the most basic things he needs to get through the day, including a stapler and a few pens. To make it in the professional world, however, he may need some office supplies that aren’t readily provided. This may include basic items, like tissues, which employees often have to supply for themselves, as well as nicer professional items like pen sleeves which are important and certainly won’t be provided.


Now as always, one of the quickest ways to your son’s heart is through his stomach. Lunch is an expense many in the professional workforce experience that they don’t plan for going in. Whether they forget to pack lunch the night before or get invited out with coworkers, the cost for those weekly lunches often goes up and up. Help limit this blow by tucking a few items into his care package to help him keep his stomach sated. This can be anything from office-friendly snacks like granola bars or fruit, which will limit the amount he has to buy when he goes out, to gift cards to local restaurants near his new office.

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