Big Things Come in Small Packages: Jaw-Dropping Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Big Things Come in Small Packages: Jaw-Dropping Gift Ideas for the Holidays

It’s no secret that the holidays are right around the corner. The air has already turned crisp with cold, and autumn is quickly dissolving into winter. The holidays are a great way to break up the cold of winter, ensuring cheer and goodwill throughout the coldest months. Gift giving is often one way that cheer is spread. In some families, giving jaw-dropping gifts that really surprise the receiver is a tradition. And because of this, people often anticipate with wringing hands the Big Present of the year.

But what if, this year, the Big Present you gave out wasn’t so big? There’s nothing quite like the face of someone who believes they are opening another pair of socks and winds up with something much, much more. If you’re looking to disguise this year’s Big present in a very small package, here are some ideas for you!

An iPhone

If you have a teenager, chances are high that you get requests for a cellphone—or a new cellphone—on a regular basis. Chances are also high that your teen has memorized the exact size and weight of their desired phone. If you’re hoping to throw them off the scent, keep the phone itself off to the side. Instead, wrap up a leather cell phone case, which weighs significantly less than the cell phone itself and, without the phone inside it, is smaller as well. They’ll have no idea until they open the present exactly what it means.  

A New Best Friend

You see it in movies all the time: Children creep down the stairs on Christmas morning to see a puppy sitting under the tree with a giant bow around its neck. The reality is, puppies rarely sit still, and were you to try the trick yourself, you’d be just as likely to come downstairs to find wrapping paper shredded across your living room as to find your picture-perfect Hallmark moment awaiting you.

What’s more, you may want your kids to have a hand in helping to pick out the new family pet. But how do you surprise them with a puppy for Christmas without actually having the puppy in your living room on Christmas morning?

Wrapping a high-quality leather dog collar is one way to showcase the spirit of their big Christmas gift without having to hide an actual puppy from your children overnight. Opening the collar will tell your family exactly what the big present is without giving the game away. Then, your kids can go with you to pick out their new best friend.

A Family Vacation

Family vacations are saved up for, sometimes for years, so when you finally get the funds together to go on the vacation of your dreams, it makes sense to want to make a production of it. Picture this: Your wife lifts the tissue paper out of a small bag and pulls out two passport covers with copies of your boarding passes tucked inside. After a moment of wondering, her excitement would be palpable.

Or maybe your wife helped you plan the vacation, and it’s the kids who pull out luggage tags with their names engraved on one side and a note on the other side with the words “Disney” and a date scrawled across it. Either way, a vacation is one of the biggest gifts you can offer—and it can come in one of the smallest packages.

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