Best Guy-Themed Wedding Presents

It’s no secret that wedding showers are usually thrown with the bride, and her needs, in mind. Often the groom isn’t even present at the wedding shower or, if he is, it’s at the end to extend his gratitude to the guests. And while the wedding gifts may include home good items from a registry they both put together, often you’ll find that at a wedding shower the bride may receive gifts like spa visits or wedding-day lingerie as a way to spoil her.

So, what do you do if you’re closer to the groom than to the bride? It’s okay to give gifts that are tailored more to your guy friend than his new wife, especially if you don’t know her well. The key is to do it tactfully. She’s likely to be the one opening the gift, especially if it’s for a shower and not the wedding itself, so while it’s okay for it to tailor more to her groom-to-be, there should be a sense that she can enjoy the gift—or a portion of it—as well. This means either getting a gift that is more guy-oriented but technically for the household (like a toolkit), or getting a gift for the guy and tucking in a token for the bride like a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine.

Wanting to get a guy-themed wedding gift but not sure what? Here are some of the best guy-themed wedding gifts you could give.

Wallet and Gift Cards

There’s nothing quite as special as a genuine leather wallet. Engrave his name or the date of his wedding on the front of it to make it into an extra-special keepsake. To tie his bride into this one, tuck in a gift card for dinner for two. The wallet would be for him, but the date night is for both of them as they settle into their new life together.

This is also a great way to house a gift card in general, so if you know that they registered on Target or Amazon but you’re not sure what the best thing to get them is, this allows you to give a gift card without looking like you were too lazy to actually pick out their present.

Travel Goods

If you know your guy pal loves to travel, giving travel items such as a pair of passport covers and luggage tags is a way of including both of them in the present while still showing respect to the guy you’re supporting. The other nice tie-in here is that traditionally, planning the honeymoon is the guy’s job. This makes his life just a little bit easier while possibly nudging him to get excited about that upcoming vacation.


In many circles, alcohol as a wedding gift is a pretty safe bet. Try offering your pal’s alcohol of choice alongside a decorative decanter.  Though home décor is often considered her domain, decanters are both classy and masculine while definitely counting as a wedding gift for both of them.

Sporting Goods

If you know your guy pal likes to golf, for example, a new golf bag for him with the date of his wedding on it—or a golf set for his bride—can be a nice gift. Buying sporting goods can help you support his hobbies, subtly showing him that he doesn’t have to give them up just because he gets married.

There are plenty of great ways to celebrate a guy who is getting married without simply buying a blender and calling it a day. If you’re especially close to the groom, it’s perfectly acceptable for you to purchase a gift with him in mind as long as you’re being sure to simultaneously celebrate the union.