Best DIY Household Furniture

Furniture is expensive. If you’re handy with a set of tools and know quality wood when you see it, you can save a lot of money by building your own household furniture. In addition to saving you money, building your own furniture allows you to make tweaks to the patterns and colors and ensure that everything that comes into your house is exactly to your taste. If that sounds good to you, get your workshop apron ready and try one of these awesome DIY furniture ideas.

Toddler Kitchen Aid

Fostering independence in your kids means that you don’t want to discourage them from helping you in the kitchen, but kitchen helpers like this one often run for several hundred dollars retail. Considering the fact that your toddler will grow out of the need for the kitchen helper within a few years, it’s an absurd sum to pay. Many families get around the expense by allowing their kids to climb up on a bar stool or onto the kitchen counter, but a true kitchen helper has safety features in place that bar stools can’t hope to emulate. The pattern above is a perfect compromise of cost-saving effectiveness and the safety features your family will love, making it a great DIY project if you have young kids in the home.

Storage Bench

When you’re living in a limited space, furniture items that can pull double-duty is imperative to make the most out of the square footage allotted to you. Creating a storage bench gives you both seating and storage, which is perfect for a mud room, guest room, or child’s bedroom. You can even upholster a couple of cushions to set on top of the completed bench to give it a bit more style and comfort.

Ladder Bookshelf

If you’re looking for a DIY project that’s as easy as it is useful, look no further than this DIY ladder bookshelf. It offers unique, space-saving storage that looks great in any space. Even better, it can be built in a day, perfect for the busy man on the go!

Changing Table

If you have a new baby on the way, a changing table is one of the must-have items for your household. Unfortunately, changing tables are expensive, and your kids don’t use them for very long. Instead of putting money towards a changing table that you’ll likely never us again, make your own changing table for a fraction of the cost. Even better, by creating your own changing table you can ensure that it’s something you can repurpose after the baby no longer needs to be changed on a regular basis.