Amazing Gifts for Guys: 10 Buy-it-for-Life Gifts for Men

by Ryan Popoff October 25, 2017

There's a definite chill to the air, and winter is right around the corner. For many of us, that means one thing: holidays. Holiday shopping can be fun and festive, but if you get behind, it can also be a huge source of stress to locate last-minute presents.  That's why it's great to get a jump-start on holiday shopping. To help you out, I have devised the ultimate guide to long-lasting gifts that any guy in your life will enjoy.

1.) A Decanter

Decanting wine by pouring it from one container (the bottle) into another container (the decanter) improves the quality of the drink by separating the wine from the sediment and by aerating it. True wine connoisseurs will understand the value of this process, but even if they don't, decanters can be handsome decorations for the bar, dining area, or living room. If you're buying for a classy man, a decanter is a home decor item that shows sophistication. You can even purchase stylized decanters that showcase a man's specific interests.

2.) A Shaving Kit

I've talked before about wet shaving. A good shave with a straight razor leaves clear, smooth skin in its wake, and that's priceless. Any man would appreciate a high-quality razor, but an entire shaving kit adds a personal touch which puts this present over the top. Wet shaving is relaxing--like a spa for the face--and giving a guy the means to wet shave says you appreciate him and want him to be able to relax.

3.) A Marble, Glass, or Carved Wood Chess Set

We've all seen cheap plastic chess sets in Wal-Mart or Target. They're great for teaching kids the rules to the game, but if you want a long-lasting chess set, you want to pick one of a higher caliber material. Glass chess sets can be beautiful, but if you're hard on your set, they're also breakable. Marble chess sets are more heavy-duty and ornate looking. Hand-carved wood is probably the most durable, least susceptible to breaking if dropped on the floor. An ornate chess set could be passed down through the family for generations and is a gift men would truly appreciate.

4.) A Record Player

Vinyl is back in style, perhaps because people are beginning to realize that the audio quality of vinyl is far superior to that of CDs or MP3s. Vinyl records are even being made for new albums. This make a turntable a perfect and unique gift for the guys in your life. The best part is that record players haven't actually changed much over the years, and as long as you maintain your record player and your records, they can keep their quality for years. A turntable mat can help increase audio quality and eliminate static, and if you buy leather it will be easy to keep the dust off of it.

5.) A Leather Jacket

Is there anything cooler than a leather jacket? There are tons of different styles of leather jackets to choose from, which makes them a versatile gift for any guy. As long as he maintains it, his leather jacket will last him for years, not only looking great but also keeping him warm in cool weather.

6.) A Good Multi-Tool

When I was a kid, I wanted a Swiss Army Knife. It was the cool thing to have, and I was sure that having one would prove that I was more man than boy. Now that I'm grown, my love for a high-end multi-tool hasn't diminished in the slightest. Multi-tools are useful in tons of settings, and because they're small they can be kept in the pocket all the time. You could even get it engraved with a special message for a guy to carry with him forever.

7.) A Cast Iron Pan

If you're buying for a guy who loves to cook, a cast iron pan could be the present of his dreams. Cast iron is heavy, making it a sturdy material to cook with, and it can be transferred from the stovetop directly into the oven. It also heats evenly, and with proper seasoning it becomes a non-stick material. It's also one of the few materials that not only holds its quality over time, but actually gets better over time. The more you cook in it, the more the fat and grease in the food conditions and seasons your cast iron.

8.) A Dopp Kit

If the man you're buying for likes to travel, a nice leather dopp kit can be the perfect present. Dopp kits, or toiletry bags, keep toiletries organized and separated from the other items in your suitcase. They can also easily be packed into carry on bags, so even if the luggage is a day or two behind the traveler, the essentials are on hand.

9.) A Grilling Kit

There's little in the world more manly than grilling burgers on the back porch with a beer in one hand and a spatula in the other. Quality grilling kits include items such as meat thermometers, metal spatulas, and grill scrapers. They can make the grilling process easier and can make your grill last longer, which is a win-win.

10.)  Emergency Escape Tool

This is the gift that you purchase hoping it will never have to be used, but if it does have to be used, you want to feel confident that the one you purchased was of high quality. The best emergency escape tools contain both seat belt cutters and windshield breakers and can be easily located in any circumstances. This gift tells a guy that you care about his safety, as is a winner with guys who like gadgets.

Ryan Popoff
Ryan Popoff

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