5 Things You Should Always Keep In Your Car

We don’t like to think that anything bad could happen to us while we’re in our car, but the truth is that accidents and breakdowns occur every day. Preparing your car for worst-case scenarios can ensure your safety if the worst should occur. We recommend keeping a bag in the back seat of your car filled with all the safety necessities. Here’s a list of the five most important things to have on hand at all times:


Imagine your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and you need to pay for a tow or use a payphone to call a repair truck. You never know when you might forget your cell phone at home or leave your wallet at the store, so it’s imperative to keep an emergency stash of money in your car at all times. Keep a coin pouch filled with money for tolls and a small stash of cash to ensure that you can always get out of a pinch if you need to.

First Aid Kit

If there were an emergency and anyone were to get hurt, you’d want to be sure to have a first aid kit on hand to take care of the people you love while waiting on the ambulance to arrive. A first aid kit is one of the items that should be kept in your car bag at all times. Even without an intense emergency, first aid kits can be helpful if someone scrapes their knees or gets a sunburn at the beach, making them a must-have car item.


Say your car were to break down in the middle of winter. Staying warm when the air is cold is an important task. Keeping an emergency blanket in your car can mean the difference between surviving the experience or suffering from hypothermia while waiting for a rescue vehicle to arrive.

Emergency Snacks

A little food can go a long way. Whether the “emergency” is your kid realizing half an hour into a three-hour ride that they really did want to eat all their lunch or whether it’s your car breaking down several hours from the nearest gas station, keeping some snacks on hand can keep everyone’s blood pressure--and mood--steady.

In Case of Emergency Information

If an emergency were to leave you unable to communicate your medical needs or insurance information, you would want to be sure that police or ambulance workers could find all relevant information about your easily. Keeping in case of emergency information, including any medical conditions you may suffer from, insurance information, and next of kin, on hand in an easy-to-locate place can ensure speedy and quality care for you and your family.