5 Alternative Uses for Leather Belts

Belts are not just utilitarian. In addition to holding up your pants, a good leather belt ensures you look put-together and professional. Even in a pair of jeans, a belt can spell the difference between a man who tugged some clothes on before walking out the door and a man who put care and forethought into his appearance.

Outside of wardrobe functionality, however, belts have been used for a variety of purposes. Although these uses may not be what the makers had in mind when crafting fine leather belts, the sturdiness and versatility of the leather has lent it to multiple uses. Here are 5 interesting alternate uses of belts, taken both from real-world and media examples.

Leather Belts to Carry Items

One of the most common uses of leather belts, other than holding up pants, is carrying items. You’ve seen this in old Little House on the Prairie re-runs when students would use a belt to strap their books together and carry them to school in the days before backpacks made it big. In the modern world, belts can still be used in this capacity. For example, you could strap a stack of logs together to carry out to a campground or string some tools on a belt that you would need to have with you during a project that otherwise had your hands occupied.

Leather Belts as Tourniquets

In a survival situation, having a strong, durable material on hand to make a tourniquet or splint tie can be the difference between life or death. Leather belts are great for this because they are so strong. While the leather will stretch if you play with it, it will also tie tightly when you need it to.

Leather Belts as Restraints

One would hope that you would never be in a position where you would have to restrain someone, but you never know. If your house was being robbed, for example, you may be in a position to want to restrain the robber until the police arrived. Leather belts could be used in this situation.

The movie Get Out uses a leather belt in a restraint capacity. In the movie, Owen Wilson’s character is forced with the choice between throwing his daughter from one roof to another or watching her be killed by assassins. When he tries to throw her initially, she clings to him, nearly resulting in both of them falling over the edge of the building to their deaths. He ends up strapping her arms to her sides with his leather belt so that he can toss her across the roof to her mother and save both of their lives.

Leather Belts as Curtain Ties

Worn-out leather belts can be repurposed to tie back curtains in a room. This is a great example of upcycling. The leather would give the room a masculine touch while still making the room look classy—perfect for a bachelor pad or man cave.

Leather Belts as Safety Lines

You should never try to grab someone who’s drowning. In a panic, their flailing limbs can bring you both down. That’s why lifesavers were invented. But imagine yourself in a situation without a handy lifesaver. A leather belt may allow you to throw a lifeline out to someone without risking your own safety in the process.

From fashion-forward house care to serious safety concerns, leather belts have a myriad of uses beyond simply holding up your pants. When considering this buy-it-for-life item, consider not only how it will impact your day-to-day living, but also how it may impact your life in unforeseen circumstances.