10 Dog-Friendly Hiking Locations in British Columbia

10 Dog-Friendly Hiking Locations in British Columbia

Here at Popov Leather, we love encouraging a return to a more natural, minimalist lifestyle. Communing with nature is one way to return to our roots. There’s no better way to get back in touch with your wild side than taking a refreshing hike with your best friend by your side. Although not all hiking trails are dog-friendly, plenty are. Hiking is a great way for you both to bond with one another and with the world around you while letting out some pent-up energy, so snap that collar into place, grab your leash, and get going!

Not sure where start? Here are 10 great dog-friendly hiking locations right here in our province, British Columbia!

Yoho National Park

One of the most beautiful sites in Canada, Yoho National Park is located on the Rocky Mountains. It has tons of stunning vies to enjoy, from waterfalls to a gorgeous lake, and is open year-round so that you can enjoy it whenever the fancy strikes. Though not all sections of the park are dog friendly, there are some great hiking trails that you can enjoy with your dog.

Cumberland Forest

Near Cumberland, BC, this set of scenic trails has woodland sections, as well as sections with views of the Village of Cumberland. These are relatively easy hiking trails, with the hike outlined on their website taking about 3 hours to complete. The Cumberland Forest hiking trails are open all four seasons, so you can even visit this hiking trail with your dog in the winter to enjoy some outdoor winter fun.

Courtenay Air Park

If you’re looking for an easy, comfortable walk, this paved path that borders the Courtenay River in Comox Valley may be a perfect option for you. Courtenay Air Park is wheelchair-accessible and great for beginner hikers looking to get off to a good start or long-term hikers who want to enjoy a casual afternoon outdoors.

Juan de Fuca Provincial Park

The Juan de Fuca Provincial Park offers gorgeous wilderness hiking trails. Some sections of the hiking trails are moderate-advanced in nature, but if you’re up for the challenge, it offers some of the most beautiful beach views in British Columbia. You can see marine life up close on the botanical beach hike. Bears and cougars make this park their home, so wearing a bear bell may be a good idea.

Salt Spring Trails

Salt Spring Island has a number of hiking trails ranging in difficultly level. A majority of their trails are pet friendly, and some even allow you to let your dog roam off-leash. Their website has a handy guide with icons denoting which hiking trails are pet-friendly and which are not so that you don’t have to second-guess yourself.

Kenna Cartwright Nature Park

Kenna Cartwright Nature Park offers a vast array of hiking trails, from easy to extremely difficult, with dogs allowed off-leash to enjoy the outdoors to their fullest capacity. This park also has restrooms available, free parking, and a picnic area, making it a great place to bring the whole family for an outdoor excursion.

Brandywine Meadows

The Brandywine Meadows hiking trails are only hike-able in the warmer months of the year, but during those months, these are a worthwhile hiking location for you and your dog. Plan a full day for this hike, especially if you’re planning to climb Brandywine Mountain, and keep in mind that just after the thaw, the trails can get muddy. However, if a little extra legwork doesn’t scare you, this a beautiful location that you and your dog will both love.  

Three Brothers Mountain

Located in Manning Provincial Park, Three Brothers Mountain is one of the most picturesque hikes you can find in BC. Though a day trip, it’s another hike you’ll want to plan an entire day to truly enjoy. It offers views of the Cascade Mountains, as well as plenty of flora and fauna to appreciate.

Galiano Island

If you’re looking for a short, comfortable hike—or perhaps a few of them—Galiano Island offers plenty of hiking trails that take only a couple of hours. Many of the trails are dog-friendly, but keep in mind that it takes a ferry to get over to the island, so you’ll want to be sure your dog can be comfortable in that environment. You can also make an overnight experience of the trip, though with no bathroom facilities, it may not be the best place to bring young children.

Mt Albert Edward

Located in Strathcoma Park, Mt Albert Edward is good if you want to try an overnight hike. Though it is a difficult hike in places, other sections of the hike are quite manageable. There is a camping location midway through the hike at Circlet Lake, perfect for a mid-way break if you’re making it into a two-day hike. The mountain itself offers some wonderful views once you get to the top.

British Columbia, with its many peaks and valleys, offers some of the best hiking locations in Canada. Even better, many of the most beautiful trails in British Columbia are dog-friendly, allowing you and your pup to get in some exercise, fresh air, and bonding time.

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